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Colonizers: Yazirians
Population: Outpost, education
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temp.:
Gravity: 0.6
Diameter: 5000km
Moons: 7
Length of Day: 25 hours


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Histran is the location of the UPF outpost that keeps an eye on the Mechan system, the Lesser Morass, and that sector of the Vast Expanse.

Histran is a rocky dusty world with an extremely thin atmosphere. It experiences a significant amount of volcanic activity, yet also has a heavily cratered surface. It is tidally locked to the star, and does not rotate or have day/night cycles. There is a tritium mining operation there, and that in turn supports an orbital UPF research and monitoring station.

On the surface, several operations have set up facilities in the extensive lava tubes on the day/light terminator. Among these facilities are archaeological teams investigating the sparse evidence of an extremely ancient transient species. The ancient visitors here did not build extensively, and much of their work has been wiped out by volcanic or meteoric damage.


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