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by Bill Logan

Holograms are an important part of the Frontier. Holo screens allow people to masquerade as others, projectors to help hide military equipment and vehicles, even video games use holographic projection technology.

But for security specialists, holograms are a real issue. Unless you’re trained to look for clues as to their existence, it’s pretty easy to fail to notice something concealed in such a manner. Such security specialists often carry a Holo-field Scrambler.

A holo-field scrambler is a hand-held device that emits a special, single pulse of energy designed to interfere with the proper formation of holographic images. It scrambles photon alignment and interferes with the manner in which photons project and reflect off of one another. The end result is a brief but visible scrambling of holographic images.

The holo-field scrambler has a slot for a standard 20-SEU powerclip. It drains 2 SEU each time it emits a scrambler pulse. A security specialist can use the device to program different frequencies of pulse emission in order to interfere with holograms in different spectrums (normally, it only interferes with the visual spectrum, but Infra-red and ultra-violet levels can be scrambled with proper use of the device).

The pulse emission antennae wear over time, and after a few dozen uses they must be replaced. They remove easily by unscrewing them and screwing in the new ones. Replacement antennae cost 25Cr. The Holo-Field Scrabler comes with a single pair.

The Holo-Field Scrambler costs 1,500Cr and is available by mail order or in military/security surplus shops. It weighs 1kg. Package and care is important, as the antennae are quite fragile. A special belt carrying case costs 25Cr and is made of durable canvas.