Human Xenomedical Specialist

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Human Xenomedical Specialist
STR/STA 40/40 PS +2
DEX/RS 50/40 IM +4
INT/LOG 60/65 Ranged 25
PER/LDR 55/55 Melee 25
Special Abilities:


Skills: (Biosocial PSA)

Psychosocial 1, Medical 1


Standard Equipment Pack, Medkit, Stunstick, 25Cr

by Bill Logan and Andrew Modro

Most medical professionals specialize in their own species, but not you. You wanted a real challenge. Vrusk, Yazirian, or Dralasite, your patients almost always come from Humanity's allied species, which makes you a valuable addition to any team.


Surgeon Extraordinaire

Concept: The other surgeons stand there scratching their thinning heads, staring at the patient bleeding to death in front of them. If the patient were Human, they’d be elbow-deep in the red stuff patching together his wounded heart... but... where is all the red stuff?

As they stare at the Dralasite and ponder on how to help him, they see you pull up to the operating room entrance in your expensive skimmer. You step out, and walk in confidently. Non-humans may die when Humans have to operate on them, but not when you’re around. You smirk at the other surgeons as you scrub up, already figuring a way to save the patient’s life in time for you to get back to watch the end of the Grothball match.

Your intimate knowledge of nonhuman physiology allows you to operate on almost any wound or malady with the surety and swiftness of working on a human patient. You are widely sought throughout the Frontier wherever the species mingle and are sure to receive offers from various groups and corporations seeking to entice you into joining expeditions. Your knowledge of alien psychology not only allows you to reassure your patients, but also gives you a leg up in dealing with those who want to bargain for your skills.

A surgeon extraordinaire isn’t above doing things for free. He’s motivated often by ego, and can be criticized for having a “god” complex. After all, how many times does he have to hold someone life in his hand and decide whether they live or die before everyone else acknowledges how powerful he is? Doing extraordinary things for favors is a good way to ensure the admiration of people. A surgeon extraordinaire will keep a tab on all people he does free stuff for, and will call on those debts as needed.

Development: You should concentrate on improving your Medical skill, of course. Perhaps pick up a weapon skill for self-defense. You may even consider taking on a robotics skill at a later date in order to help give you a chance of understanding truly unusual alien races that may have integrated robotic components (cybernetics) to their bodies. Anything that would give your character a chance to show off and earn respect.

Goals: Open your own practice or found a group/order dedicated to xenomedicine, with you and your ego as dual chairpersons.

Florence Knight Hawk

Concept: You travel the less traveled routes, keeping to the outlaying rimworlds and truly frontier outposts and civilizations. You make friends everywhere you go, touching the lives of those you meet and inspiring them that the Frontier isn’t that bad... there is still good in it.

Suffering is universal, and a kind word and gentle hands can benefit any sentient being. You seek to use your knowledge to alleviate pain and suffering wherever you go, no matter what species your patients might be. Using both medicine and psychology you can put almost anyone at ease, and your abilities are valuable throughout the worlds of the Frontier, especially off the main trade routes where fancy doctors may not be available.

Development: You should pretty evenly divide focus between Medical and Psychosocial. Learn to use nonlethal weapons for self-defense only if you must... because even though there IS good in the Frontier, sometimes that good is the prey of those that seek to do harm (you’re an optimistic realistic). You prefer not to kill, so you should use stunners and doze effects whenever possible.

Concentrate on increasing your Leadership and Personality scores. One of your largest strengths will be your ability inspire others through your examples and excellence.

Goals: continue traveling, encourage others like yourself. You won’t stop until there is nothing left in you to give. Sometimes it’s healing you give, sometimes it’s protection. You’ve even been known to champion a cause or two in your day. Your goal is to keep going until you inspire enough people to do the same.

Hypocritical Hippocrates

Concept: You have the skill to bring healing to the people of the Frontier, but you like to get something out of it in return. Your knowledge of alien physiology and psychology allows you to fix many problems, but it also allows you to develop and use illegal procedures and drugs. Most of the time you're in a kind of gray area between "right" and "wrong" where things aren't so clear-cut, but you do try to avoid outright murder and corruption. A little smuggling here, a few backalley operations there -- it's not really hurting anybody, right? You're giving them what they want.

Development: A little more Medical than Psychosocial, unless you'd prefer to be able to slip out of trouble really well, in which case invert it. You really should pick up a weapon skill just in case things heat up, because in your line of work they often do. Of all the versions of the Human Xenomedical Specialist, you’re the one most likely to get shot.

Goals: Make money, stay out of trouble with the law. NOTE: This isn't necessarily a "bad guy" archetype. It is a bit more anti-heroic than normal, though. Think Jayne Cobb and Simon Tam from Firefly put together.)

Edges and Flaws

If you’re using the optional Edge & Flaw system provided at the back of the Alpha Dawn remastered book, here are a couple ideas:

Vrusk Expertise: (or Dralasite, or Yazirian) This Edge gives you a flat bonus of 25% whenever you invoke it when dealing with a member of the species you claim expertise on. Save it to pull off an amazingly accurate diagnosis or very complex surgery.

Debt Collector: You are less concerned about ego than some others of your profession. Your character does favors for other surgeons (works on a patient but lets him take credit for it, gives diagnosis to help him identify something difficult, etc.) or for certain people (inexpensive or even free medical treatment, prescriptions, etc.). Whenever you need a favor or money, you invoke this advantage and role-play that collection. It results in some form of aid or support from the person whose debt you’re collecting (not to exceed a value of 1d10x100Cr).

Impossible Ego: This is a flaw that gives your character an ego that is so grand that it annoys those around him. It comes with a certain overconfidence, which a Referee can invoke to force the player to do something that he probably shouldn’t try.

Extravagant Lifestyle: There’s a reason your character chose this profession. You live life like a trend setter, buying things that most people only dream of. You often overspend, though, just so you can brag about how much something cost. You will always pay at least 10% more for anything, just to buy the best. A Referee can invoke this flaw to force you to buy something you can barely afford if you as a player show any interest in obtaining it, even if you have to go into debt to get it.

Inspire Hope: You inspire people just by being you. Your cause is a noble one, and your temperament is so wonderful that people can be inspired to act. Invoke this edge whenever you need to inspire someone... you’ll receive a +25 to your LDR or PER check to convince them to do what is right.

Undeniable Cause: People can’t deny that your cause is a righteous one. When you have a need, you’re don’t find yourself having trouble getting people to give. You can invoke this edge to have someone invest in your cause, giving you 1d10x100 Credits worth of aid.

Determined: You are so determined that you can invoke this edge to keep acting when you should be unconscious. It allows you to re-roll a consciousness roll you just failed, giving you a chance to keep going despite being hit with doze grenades, electrostunners, sonic stunners, or even critical hits. Any roll that causes you to make a STA avoidance roll to remain conscious can be rerolled if you invoke this edge.

Trouble Magnet: Because you’re willing to champion people’s causes and help the downtrodden... you very often find yourself being dragged into their messes. Although you approach this with confidence and benevolence, your Referee may invoke this flaw to force you into a mess that might distract you from whatever mission you’re currently on. It’ll be your responsibility to meet everyone’s needs... you can sleep later.