Kara Addibissi

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Name: Kara Addibissi
Player: Corkman


Basic Information

Race: Human
Gender:' Female
Handedness: Left

STR/STA: 60/60
DEX/RS: 65/60
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 35/35
IM: 6
RW: 32
MW: 30
PS: 3

Description: Kara stands 5'8" tall, fit human female with medium length dirty blonde hair just below her shoulders with deep green eyes. She appears to be physically muscular and in very good shape.

Walking: 10m/turn
Running: 30m/turn
Hourly: 5km/hr

XP (spent): 52
XP (unspent): 0

Racial Abilities: N/A

Credits: 1,000 Cr


Secondary PSA: AGENT
Secondary PSA: SCOUT

  • Military Skills:
    • Projectile Weapons: 3, Melee Weapons: 2, Unarmed Combat: 2, Demolitions: 2
  • Agent Skills:
    • Stealth: 1, Detective: 1, Thievery: 1
  • Scout Skills:
    • Survival: 1


Equipment carried:

  • Automatic Rifle

An automatic rifle is similar to automatic rifles being used today. It is basically a heavier, longer version of the Automatic Pistol. It can fire up to 3 single shots or 1 burst. Cost: 300 Cr, Wgt.: 4 kg, Damage: 1d10/5d10, Ammo: 20 rounds, Rate: 3(1), Defense: inertia, Range: 10/40/100/150/300

  • Semiautomatic Pistol

These predecessors of the modern automatic pistols are functionally nearly equivalent. They fire bullets as quickly as the user can pull the trigger (up to three bullets per turn). There is no burst fire mode. The Semiautomatic Pistol uses the same ammunition and magazine as the modern automatic pistol. Skeinsuits and inertia screens reduce bullet damage by half. If a skeinsuit and an inertia screen are used together, damage is reduced to one-fourth the amount rolled. Cost: 150, Weight: 1.5Kg, Damage: 1d10 per bullet, Ammo: 20 rounds, Rate: 3, Defense: Inertia, Range: 5/15/30/60/150

  • Military Skeinsuit
  • Survival Kit

This is an emergency survival kit. It is similar to the Standard Equipment Pack from the main rules book, but reformatted to make it useful for explorers and wilderness scouts (and anyone finding themselves stranded on a desert planet!). Many lifeboats and escape pods have a number of these survival kits stowed, as well as a single duraraft and envirotent.

The Survival Kit consists of the following items: All-weather blanket, Basic first-aid equipment (bandages, etc.), Compass, Everflame, Gas Mask, Holoflare, Life Jacket, Pocket Flashlight, Pocket Tool, Rope, Sungoggles, Survival Rations (5 days), Toxy-rad guage, Waterpack

Standard Equipment Pack:

A standard equipment pack contains the following: Chronocom, Coveralls or uniform with pouches/pockets (This is Kara's military uniform), Doze Grenade, First Aid Pack (bandages, antiseptic, etc.), ID card (military), Pocket Flashlight, Pocket Multi-tool, Staydose, Stimdose, Sungoggles, and Survival Rations (5 days). Cost 150 Cr, Wgt.: 1 kg

Explorer Boots (35 cr)

Explorer Vest (15 cr)

Bandoleer Sling (1 cr)

Vibroknife (25 cr)

Brass Knuckles (10 cr)

Night Stick (20 cr)

(10) Auto-Rifle Mags (5 cr/ea)

(6) Semi-Auto Pistol Mags (2 cr/ea)

Other Equipment


Your character's history Kara was born the only child of Karl and Karan Addibissi. She grew up in a military type environment with he father being an officer in the planets military forces for over twenty years. He mother, of course, was the glue that kept the three of them together with Karl's many deployments and the family having to move to keep up with the new duty stations. Kara was very much into the military lifestyle growing up and through her early years of schooling. She would constantly be one of the leaders in 'friendly' games of war with the other neighborhood kids. Even then, she had a knack for being a soldier and would soon follow in her father's foot steps.

There we many furloughs when Karl became available between service commitments where Kara nd her mother would go out on long vacations to the country, away from the hustle of the busy cities. Both her parents taught her the many ways of how to live and thrive away from civilization. Their cabin was very plain but, very modern and took many years to complete to satisfy her fathers needs.

Kara joined the military service almost immediately after her schooling was completed and was proud to have her parents at her graduation where her father presented her with her units graduation honor. Her father retired several years after that and Kara thrived in a front line unit that was known for their skills in reconnaissance and search and rescue.

With the passing of her mother several years ago, Kara became even closer with her father. She would often visit when on leave and they would often travel around and do the same things they would do when her mother was still alive. Kara had even brought several friends back with her to spend time with her and her dad, most recently, a young naval officer named Alston McErney who was working on the PSS Chiara on a temporary assignment. Just recently, the ship was supposedly lost with all hands as well as several other ships. She has become distraught and her father has been trying to console her but worse of all, he has been trying to get her to come around to the fact that something very big and bad is coming directly towards them. They needed to prepare...

NPC contacts

Karl Addibissi is Kara's father. He was also in the military for New Pale for 20 years before he retired. He was a decorated officer in the planets ground forces for many years, with a specialized background in small unit tactics, reconnaissance and, small arms. Since retiring, he has spent a lot of time with his daughter since the passing of his wife three years ago. Kara had become of age and began to follow in the footsteps of her father. Karl had always wanted a son but, he has been more than accepting of his daughter's efforts to carry on the families tradition of having a generation in the New Pale military in some fashion.

Karl had moved out into the outskirts of the city to get away from a lot of the fast pace society of a major hub to a more secluded area where there was plenty of nature they could live off of and be left alone by the craziness of all of the people. Kara always came back to visit Karl on leaves and spent a lot of time learning what he had to teach her, which she found out was volumes. Karl has established a basic but, very suitable and modern conditions in his cabin.

He has become more concerned lately with the news of ships being blown up and a possibly threat of a large force heading towards New Pale. He is happy that Kara is home on leave and he knows that she will be getting called up quickly. Karl knows that dedication and service is everything but, he knows what it's like to thrown into a meat grinder and being able to look after his only family left makes him feel a whole lot better about a rapidly changing situation.