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Colonizers: Humans
Population: Outpost (AD)
Moderate, Industrial (ZG)
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temp.:
Gravity: 1.4
Moons: 1
Length of Day: 60 hours


  1. Saucer


Laco was originally founded by Humans. During the First Sathar War, tens of thousands fled to Laco from Pale and New Pale after Sathar attacks. As Laco was a prime industrial planet with no agricultural production, the survivors soon began to starve to death. If not for the intervention of the Capellan Free Merchants, the entire population might have been totally eliminated. Without any effective govenment and with a reduced population, Laco looked to the mega-corps for assistance. Confliciting interests soon arose and let to Laco's War between the Pan-Galactic Corporation (PGC) and the Streel Corporation. Today Laco's primary industries are owned by PGC.


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