Mahg Mar

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Colonizers: * (mixed races)
Population: Outpost, Education
Climate Range: Tropical, temperate, and arctic zones
Average Surface Temp.: -20 to 25 Centigrade at surface
Atmopshere: 75% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, 1 % argon, and trace elements. Atmosphere is mildly toxic; breathers or life-support systems are necessary.
Gravity: 0.98007
Diameter: 12,350 kilometers
Moons: none
Length of Day: 23 hours, 57 minutes GST


Mahg Mar was recently discovered and is not yet well explored. It has already gained notoriety, however, as the site of the first UPF spaceship mutiny (on the Eleanor Moraes). The star route to Mahg Mar is a guarded secret of the UPF's Planetary Survey Administration.

Mahg Mar is a beautiful planet with an abundance of water and oxygen and a favorable climate for life. Indeed, the rich greens of the continental masses were visible from orbit, and there was much enthusiasm and anticipation for a first-hand look at the planet. The bioscience reports suggested substantial probability of higher life forms.

Thorough mapping and remote study of the planet was made from orbit. Then an automatic survey satellite was placed in orbit. It will transmit various information back to the Planetary Survey Administration.

Mahg Mar is home to an indigenous intelligent species, the Notui

Additional Information

Since FS 24.3, Mahg Mar, is a new discovery, very little is known about it. However, the Eleanor Moraes expedition completed preliminary mapping and placed survey satellites in orbit. The Planetary Survey Administration will study the data from these satellites and the robot research station now being readied on the planet. Their findings will be published as they become available.

Although its atmosphere is mildly toxic, Mahg Mar may be acceptable for colonization. An abundance of flora and fauna exist, but are uncatalogued at this time. The planet's life zone position indicates a high probability of higher life forms and intelligent beings.

Preliminary indications did not reveal evidence of the Sathar, but these findings are not final. Expedition members, as usual, maintain a high degree of readiness until more conclusive research is completed.


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