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Racial Characteristics

Apart from a few superficial differences, the Mhemne are remarkably similar to the Humans of the Frontier Sector. In fact, later genetic studies will show that, although the two are indeed separate species, the Mhemne and Humans are genetically identical.

The Mhemne are tall, thin hom in ids covered with an amber, downy inner fur and a reddish-brown, coarse outer fur. This outer fur is about as long as that on a short·haired domestic cat. Their skin is a pale red, and nearly translucent. It is exposed on only the hands, feet, and face. The Mhemne have wide-set eyes and narrow noses with tiny nostrils. Belter and Confederacy Mhemne are relatively weak-muscled, because they have adapted to free fall and low gravity environments. The Iceworlders are more robust and muscular.

All Mhemne are vegetarians. Food is provided by hydroponics. Animals are rare, domesticated, and extremely valuable.

If shaved, a Mhemne could pass as a Human, although, upon close inspection, the impostor would be revealed.


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