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Colonizers: Humans
Population: Heavy, Manufacturing
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temp.:
Gravity: 1.3
Moons: 9
Length of Day: 25 hours
Artificial Satellites: UPF Space Fortress
Docking Station


  1. Pen - colonization
  2. Ringold - resources
  3. Dillon - business
  4. Hachiman - military
  5. Ares - military
  6. Huan-Ti - military
  7. Huitz - military
  8. Nuada - military
  9. Enlil - military


Moonworld is a large planet with nine moons orbiting it, all belonging to the UPF. Access to the system is almost impossible due to its military nature. Star Law has its Ranger Academy on Dillon, on of the moons. The capital of Moonworld is Stronghold.


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