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by Bill Logan

Sniper Rifle

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

Cost: 1,200Cr
Weight: 5 kg
Damage: 1d10*
Ammo: 20 bullets
Rate: 3
Defense: Inertia
Range: 20/100/250/500/1km
Ammo Cost: 5 Cr (standard Rifle Bulletclip)
Skill: Projectile Weapons
* Characters of Military PSA may multiply their Projectile Weapons skill level times the damage rolled, but only if he takes two turns doing nothing but aiming.

Characters wishing to take care of their enemies from a safe enough distance are limited in their options in Star Frontiers. There are heavy weapons, but these have their own limitations and annoyances. What they need is a sniper rifle.

Sniper Rifles have an extremely long range. They are often made of non-reflective material – often coated in a flat black paint. Their targeting scopes include electronic range determination and targeting guidance (which halves the penalties associated with range). They have folding bipod struts that can be extended in order to steady the aim of the shooter. They are death from a distance: in the hands of a highly trained military expert – the damage can be enough to kill a man, even from a single shot.

K-Pulse Pistol

K-Pulse Pistol

Cost: 250Cr
Weight: 2 kg
Damage: 3d10
Ammo: 20 SEU PowerClip
SEU: each shot drains 2 SEU
Rate: 3
Defense: Inertia
Range: 5/10/20/40/80
Ammo Cost: 100 Cr PowerClip
Skill: Beam Weapons

WarTech has outdone themselves again. The Kinetic Pulse Pistol (or K-Pulse) was recently released into the Frontier, with a decent price tag and an impressive niche. It’s an energy weapon that causes inertia damage. Energy defenses are so very effective that beam weapon specialists often find themselves having to waste large amounts of ammunition to get past them. This pistol allows a quick way around them.

The pulse pistol fires a conical-shaped blast of kinetic force (shaped sonic energy – like the blade of a sonic knife). It is very destructive, causing 3d10 points of Inertia damage per shot. The weapon may be fired up to three times per turn. Each time the weapon is fired, 2 SEU are drained from its PowerClip. Of course, it can be attached to a power backpack or beltpack with a power cord as well. Sonic screens, albedo suits, and albedo screens are all ineffective protection, though Inertia screens and skeinsuits protect as normal.