Morgaine's World

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Colonizers: Humans
Population: Outpost (AD)
Moderate, industry, business, agriculture (ZG)
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temp.:
Gravity: 1.5
Moons: 4
Length of Day: 40 hours
Artificial Satellites:UPF Space Fortress
Docking station
Rest and Relaxation station
Trade station


  1. Grey - Resouces
  2. Gold
  3. White - military
  4. Black


Morgaine's World is a UPF and Star Law base. The planet has rings.

Morgaine's World is quickly developing into one of the finest planets on the Frontier. It is the only planet to have a UPF Space Fortress, a docking space station, a rest and relaxation space station, and a trading space station all orbiting it. Spacefleet's Gollwin Academy aslo orbits it.

The steadily climbing population has yet ot make use ofmore than 20% of the surface area of this large planet. The planetary government is well organized and has created some of the Frontiers's most progressive laws for racial equality, religious rights, the concerns of the public vs. the government and so forth. many investors look to Morgaine's World to usurp Gran Quivera's position as the Hub of the Frontier in the next few decades. Brillian auroras light up the night sky over most of the planet (except for the equatorial regions).


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