Mystery of Starshine

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by C.J. Williams

Starshine is a world of myth and mystery that has been lost to time. Some believe that Starshine never existed. Others believe that it is merely a remnant tale of Sundown. But word has been spreading in the underground that a secret underworld organization has been looking for it and Star Law wants to find it first to avert what nefarious plans this organization has for Starshine.

Your group of characters have been hired by Star Law to uncover this organization and find out what it wants with Starshine, but most important to find Starshine before the organization does.

In the midst of the investigation, your group is attacked by operatives of the organization. When they chase down the operatives, they discover clues to the organization and its possible connection to an underworld crime boss.

Editor’s Suggestion: the Thugs, Mooks, and Goons in this issue would represent the agents of the underworld crime boss well. The crime boss himself could be named but never met personally – and can continue to be a thorn in the side of the characters for countless adventures to come! Surely if the characters thwart his/her/its plans this time, the characters will get a price on their heads!