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Arrr you going to help me?

by Larry Moore

A defected pirate pleads with your team to help him acquire an antidote for his daughter and son who were infected when he returned from an alien world. Adults are immune to the toxin. He is desperate and promises the characters untold wealth, supplies and equipment.

He has intimate knowledge of every aspect of the Pirate Horde! You suspect almost too much information. Should you trust him? Come to find out, he used to be the Horde leader!

Are your characters being led into a trap? Or is he sincere in his request to save his children and change his vocation?

Adventure Outline

  • Meeting at the spaceport
    • Meeting Bob the? What did you say you did for a living? Salvage and Recovery Operations?
  • Aboard the ship
    • Flight prep aboard the Assault Scout; something doesn’t add up. The ship is clean but why all the hidden holds and weapons blasts on the walls?
  • Into the Void
    • Too late, Bob reveals his true identity, the dreaded leader of the Horde!
    • If you attack, dozens of security bots from hidden holds attack, what do you do? His story is so very compelling but you need something of trust.
  • Assault and Crash
    • Attempting to get clearance from the Horde leads to an emergency landing on the planet. Fortunately for you the landing is successful with minor damage and well hidden from prying pirate eyes. Robots will fix the ship.
  • Traveling to the antidote
    • Adventure getting the antidote.
  • The Escape
    • Back to the ship and off to save the kiddies!

Future Adventure

Bob decides to start a legal and official Salvage and Recovery business called, We Will Find Your Horde! The characters are hired to stay on staff.

Plot twist idea: The pirate doesn’t come with the characters... instead he sends them alone to retrieve the antidote. Along the way, the characters are being escorted by two yazirians working for the horde leader, sent as "military support". Once the antidote is obtained, they are under orders to kill the characters and bring it back so the pirate leader won't have to pay them.

Another plot twist idea: The child they're trying to help isn't really the horde leader's child. It's the child of the PGC CEO who was kidnapped to be ransomed, and the Pirate is afraid of PGC wrath if the child dies. One of the yazirians accompanying the characters is a PGC agent who is trying to rescue the child. He might help the PCs instead of attacking them... or might carry through with the horde leader's plans in order to get the antidote back to the CEO's child to rescue him.