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Would it be possible to put up all the files as one big file?


Okay - I COULD put it all in one file, and at current that file would be a 34M zipped collection of everything on my site. But I don't think I'm going to do that just yet. If you notice the revision dates shown on the site, I fix typos and problems as I find them, and update often. Updating that big of a file, as well as the main book download files, would be a lot of extra bandwidth that might end up pushing me over the limit and causing Snapdrive to deny access. So I will do as you're requesting, but not until I'm comfortable that at least the main books are not going to get edited too much anymore. Anyone wanting to help out, please edit the core books and send me lists of errors!!

I'm curious, does anyone have any idea what the stats on a personal flamethrower would be in Star Frontiers? Or is it in the books somewhere and I am completely missing it?

- Six_Gun_Sam

There was one printed in the July 1985 issue of Dragon Magazine, summarized below:

Weapon: Flamethrower
Damage: 3d10 +1d10/turn for next 3 turns
Ammo: 10 blasts
Rate: 1 blast/turn
Defense: None
Range: 10/20/30/45/70
Cost: 3,000Cr
Weight: 5 kg+Napalm Tank
Ammo: Napalm tank
Cost: 50Cr
Weight: 10 kg
Rounds: 10 blasts

Description: This is a rig that goes about the shoulders and back. Further rigging and fuel lines travel down the arms, and end in a wand-like rifle piece. The ammunition is a napalm tank that goes on the back and is quite heavy. When a trigger is pushed, a spark is ignited and the napalm is released in a jet of flame that lasts a second or so per blast. It causes 3d10 damage the moment it hits, then causes an additional 1d10 damage each turn for the next three consecutive turns, then burns itself out. The flame thrower can also be used to set flammable things alight.

Just thinking over the weekend about the skills in the original SF. I was thinking of giving the players 4 pts to spend on them. I would use the house rule that in their primary skill area they could spend them 1 for 1 rank in a skill but with a max of 2 ranks in any one skill and for the secondary skill area it would be a two for one cost. I feel this would give a bit more diversity to characters allowing a character to be a weapons expert but also have a understanding in say environmental issues. Was wondering if you had done anything like this and if not what you thought of my suggestion?

-Jason Threlfall

Your suggestion is as good as any I can think of. In my campaign I ran for many years, I used a different skill system altogether, one I concocted from scratch. But I don't recommend doing that - it makes supplements and other published material incompatible with your game. I try to show how you can have diverse characters despite the restrictive skill system through the Archetypes section of this publication.

If you want to allow starting characters to have some diversity, how about letting them simply start off with more experience? After normal character generation give each player 12 discretionary experience points to spend on purchasing skills (refer to page 40 of the Alpha Dawn Remastered book). Of course, that's just a suggestion. Your way would work too, but my suggestion serves the additional purpose of getting players accustomed to using the skill cost system. Let me know which you choose - or if you select another option entirely. I'm curious how it goes.

Thank you for your work. Very awesome; I remember the days when I enjoyed this game, and I'm planning to revive them shortly. BTW: the added artwork is icing on the cake!


I know this wasn’t a question as much as it is a comment, but I wanted to share one of the many examples of people PMing, IMing, Emailing, and Posting me with their thanks. I really appreciate it more than you know, as all this is quite time consuming. This particular person commented on art and I wanted a place to mention it. I’ve been trying in vain to find some artists to do high-quality pictures of Yazirians, Vrusks, and Dralasites for a Rogue’s Gallery book I want to do, but have fallen short. I strive for a level of professionalism in all of this, despite my lack of it (haha). I hope I’m pulling that off. It helps make this revival seem more possible. So if anyone knows of or is himself an artist capable of doing the kind of illustrations found in the original books or in comic books or other sci-fi games, I’m quite interested. Due to the fact that this is a free publication (by fans for fans) I can’t offer pay, but I will give credit. Thanks for listening to my plea!

- Bill Logan