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Cave Raith
Type Medium Herbivore
Number 1-10 hunting, 50-500 lair
Move Medium, 60 meters/turn; Climb 40 meters/turn
IM/RS +4/40
Stamina 30
Attack 50% pinch/pinch or sting plus weapon
Damage pinchers 1d10, stinger 1d10+S5/T5 poison
Special Attack None
Special Defense hard shell as skeinsuit
Native World arid wastelands
  1. Entrance. Art lines the walls, warding away “evil that walks on 2 legs.” Discarded trash can be found. If searched carefully, there is a dead human crammed behind the stalagmite in the south-east corner. His ID tag says he’s Gerard Rivaras. He has 12 Cr on him, and a half-empty pistol bulletclip. Making noise here attracts half the guards from area 4.
  2. Ritual Chamber. The stench here is strong, and is of death and rot. This is where the Raiths perform most of their rituals. Torch sconces surround a large pit, where captured enemies are thrown, sending them to the Raith god “Hazzen-Ka”. The pit is actually 25 meters deep and ends in a large chamber half-filled with water where dozens of corpses lie, riddled with carrion and mold. When the characters arrive, there is a disposal ritual in progress, with the shaman preparing to dump a human child down the hole. She yells for help, certain “uncle Gerard” will come to her rescue. She is Vera Rivaras.
  3. Audience Hall. This is where the Raith king holds audience with visiting Raiths from other warrens or with any Raith from his own warren who wishes to speak to him. Outsiders are never permitted here. There are always 10 Raith elite guards here. The king himself has bedchambers secreted behind stalagmite/stalactite columns (shown as area 3a on the map) where his harem provides him with royal companionship behind a tapestry depicting his valor.
  4. Guard Post. There are always 2d10 Raith soldiers here. They each have a bone whistle carved from enemies they’ve slain. When blown, all able men and women will come to arms (50 of them will arrive over the next minute). They guard the families of the warren from assaults.
  5. Living Area. This is where the families of the warren relax and eat, play games, and enjoy one another’s company. The chamber is fairly small in this warren, but in some it is quite expansive. This area is normally not for outsiders. During times of war, this is where the wounded are tended and weapons stored.
  6. Inner Lair. This is where the families of the warren sleep. The bulk of their number can be found here at night, where they snuggle up together in family groups. There is no privacy here; all activities are shared. Weapons are kept up high on helf-like formations to be grabbed if necessary. In this particular warren, there are 250 total Raiths, divided equally among men, women, elderly, young, and soldier (soldiers are about half men and half women).