Rockroost Mining Colony

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Remember the effects of gravity on Araks IV: Carying Capacity is decreased 20kg... most characters will be “encumbered” all the time. The distance a character can leap or vault is decreased 5m, and the height from which a character can jump safely is reduced by 10m. If he falls from a height (such as the roof of the 20m tall Tech Center), damage is increased by +10! If the life support is energized, there is gravity compensation that reduces the gravity to 1.0g within the colony.

Built entirely of drop-ship mining components and compartmentalized living arrangements, the first mining colony of Araks IV (dubbed “Rockroost” by the locals of the time) was a nightmare story with a disappointing ending. From the beginning, the residents had a lot of trouble keeping the interlocking walktubes connected, and in today’s ruins only the main buildings exist.

The colony was about 250 strong, consisting of miners, geologists, laborers and chemists from all over the Frontier (although mostly Yazirian). After ten years, the uranium readings turned out to be false (but mysteriously, the planet still scans true for it today!) and the mining colony dried up. Hopeful miners have set up home here several times since, but to date no Uranium has been found.

The octagonal Tech Center near the center is from the original dropship that surveyed the planet, but scavengers have long since absconded with anything valuable there, leaving behind a tall rusted-out shell of a building. Surprisingly, the life support equipment in the Services Bay is functional if powered, because the technology was too antiquated for modern scavengers to find useful.

If you listen hard in the right social circles, you’ll hear people whisper that the pirate captain Marshum Braiss has set up a hideout here, and his crew keep kidnapped women in the old living arrangement pods to the south, for their idle pleasure.