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Rules, rules, rules. Everybody seems to like making new rules. Or they need to since there are many issues not covered by the canon Star Frontiers rule system. In either case, there is a lot of creativity out there ranging from new ideas, tweaks to the existing system or complete rewrites of the core systems.

If you have a favorite house rule or improved system. Fell free to post it here. The only restriction is that due to copyright restrictions, we cannot at this time post the original rule systems on-line. Beyond that, post to your heart's content. Any rules published in the Star Frontiersman will also be linked in here.

Complete Rule Systems

  • Star Frontiers Redux
  • Knight Hawks Vector
  • Star Frontiers 2000

Clarifications and Tweaks

Frontier Timeline - This page contains a reworked timeline for the history of the Frontiers. The goal is to clean up inconsistencies and make it coherent.

New or House Rules