SF Modules Revisited: The Complete Old School Campaign

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Game Info

Player Characters

Dalmar Lar - played by Tom Stephens (Terl Obar)

Kahn Gak Harkannon - played by Tom Verreault (jedion357)

Kriss Flesland - played by John O'Koren (Corkman)

Gideon Pai-jon - played by Richard Rose (Shadow Shack)

Rigel Famm - played by Jim Young (Oncefaroff)

Grekka Ral'Ik'Ka played by Philip Campanaro (Rat Traveler)

Johnny Johnson played by Anthony Gibbs (Antgibbs)

Group Equipment carried by the MARS bot


Non-Player Characters

The following NPC's you've had a chance to meet aboard the Dawn. Out of sheer simplicity I do not list their two secondary skill areas.

Dr. Karra Redd

Human Scientist

Dr. Redd is the archetypal smart and beautiful scientist (by human standards). Early 30s, vibrant red hair, and well proportioned in her security skein suit. Her role at this point aboard the Dawn is not entirely known, though she has a strong science background.

STR/STA 25/35 DEX/RS 65/55 INT/LOG 55/55 PER/LDR 70/70

PS +2 IM +6 Ranged 33 Melee 33

Special Abilities: None

Skills: (Scientist PSA) Medical 1, Environmental 2, space sciences 2

Equipment: enviro kit, med kit, security skein suit (25 STA frontiersman issue 1, pg. 3)

Poly vox, sungoggles, Toxy-rad gauge, flashlight, 10m rope, compass, 1 all weather blanket

water pack 8L

2 packs of survival rations 8 days total

10 vita salt pills

Inactive PCs

Odin Romm

Human Soldier

Mid thirties, bald head, a very stoic demeanor who talks very seldom. Strange electro tattoos adorn his arms. He does not appear associated with the polyplate clad marines.

STR/STA 50/50 DEX/RS 55/55 INT/LOG 50/50 PER/LDR 45/35

PS +3 IM +6 Ranged 28 Melee 28

Special Abilities: None

Skills: (Military PSA) Beam Weapons 3, Gyrojet Weapons 2, ground cars 2, hover vehicles 3, Martial Arts 2, projectiles 2

Equipment: Gas mask, Magnigoggles, skein suit (military)

Duran Krumm

Human Engineer

An amiable fat fellow who is approaching retirement age and spends most of his time in the engine rooms.

STR/STA 50/50 DEX/RS 45/45 INT/LOG 50/60 PER/LDR 50/50

PS +3 IM +5 Ranged 23 Melee 28

Special Abilities: None

Skills: (Technological PSA) Robotics 3, Computers 2, technician 4.

Equipment: Robcomkit, Solvaway, tech kit

Takk Redus

Human Shuttle pilot

A gaunt, sickly looking man with frog-like eyes in charge of the two life boats on board. He has an odd fascination with dralasites.

STR/STA 50/50 DEX/RS 45/55 INT/LOG 60/50 PER/LDR 40/50

PS +3 IM +6 Ranged 23 Melee 25

Special Abilities: None

Skills: (Pilot PSA) system vehicles 3, space vehicles 3, space sciences (from pilot PSA) 2, tech 2, computer 1

Equipment: Chronocom, Magnigoggles