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by Brian Conway

The characters are assigned as security to protect a mining operation for Streel Corporation on the Outpost world of Scree Fron. While patrolling in the jungle-like environment on Scree Fron, they encounter Yazirians, apparently primitives, gathering fruits. The “locals” appear friendly enough, yet are led by a Yazirian that seems very concerned about the party’s presence. He peppers them with questions about who the characters are and what they are doing there.

The “locals” are actually Yazirian cultists. Saklee, the mono-named, self-proclaimed guru has set himself up as religious dictator of a Jonestown-like encampment. All of the Yazirians there are from various Clans, and worship Saklee as the reincarnation of the Enlightened Brothers who calmed and unified the Yazirian Clans centuries ago.

Of course, Saklee is nothing of the sort! He is a power-hungry monster who preys upon his flock. He will, at first, interrogate the players, much as the leader of the fruit gatherers did. He and his thugs rule the cult with an iron fist, and some of the believers want to leave. They will pass notes to the players to that effect eventually. Soon, Saklee tires of the presence of the mining expedition and will start a guerilla campaign against the players with the small cache of weapons that he uses to control the town. After all, the mining expedition is “squatting” on “his sacred land.” Of course, according to government documents, it is actually Saklee who is the squatter!

Possible options could be a final battle where Saklee is killed. Saklee could also be a madman bent on re-starting Yazirian Clan War. Another option is a Jonestown-like mass suicide. Maybe the characters could get the cultists to rebel or help some to escape, or a wealthy citizen hires the players to rescue his misguided daughter. In any case, stay away from the Kool-Aid...