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by Scott Iles

One of the many covert operations the evil Sathar carry out against the UPF is clandestine surveillance of Federation planets. To accomplish this, small listening posts are set up on inconspicuous asteroids near inhabited planets. These installations are fairly standardized and have a crew of two.

The post is accessed through a lift tube under the egg-like hull. The lift rises and opens into an equipment bay (1), with a curving wall of storage cabinets holding spare parts, space suits, and extra-vehicle equipment.

Room 2 is a galley/refreshment area. Cabinets on the outside wall hold what are presumably Sathar foodstuffs, with preparation equipment and washing facilities on the counter area.

Room 3 is a Sathar sleeping area. A trough leads from the galley wall around to the two sleeping tanks.

Room 4 is the command center. From here the two Sathar crewmen can monitor and record the transmissions that are received from the Frontier worlds. A long, curving control panel lines the outer wall of the room. Two Sathar couches slide on tracks in the floor so all parts of the panel can be accessed.

Room 5 contains the monitoring and recording equipment, as well as the power reactor. Maintenance and repairs to this equipment can be performed here. The spare parts are stored in Room 1.