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by Danger

Star Data
Star Type K7 Orange Main Sequence
Radius 6.53 x 105 km (0.94 Sol)
Mass 1.80 x 1030 kg (0.90 Sol)
Temperature 4,000K degrees Kelvin
Luminosity 1.51x1026 W (0.39xSol)



The system that became known as Scree Fron was discovered in 94 PF by scouts operating out of Araks.

Due to past events with a prior colony (Athor), the Hierarchy on Hentz wished to do things differently this time when it came to spreading Yazirian colonies on other worlds. Instead of forced deportation of “undesirables”, the newly found lands would be opened to the highest bidder.

While this decision was looked at with near horror by some of the old-guard members of the Hierarchy (who held to the traditional ways of conquest and colonialism), the more numerous and progressive thinking Church Elders saw a profitable way to increase the buffer between them and the rest of the “Unclean Planets of the Frontier who are inhabited by all manner of non-believers.” This particular bit of insight on the mindset of the Church Elders and of the Hierarchy is not well known even in this day and age nearly 100 plus years past the founding of Scree Fron.

For the traditional commerce clans of the Yazirians, who never rated high in the traditional social order, this came as a sweet surprise and they began bidding in earnest on the new system using every tool in their kits to get every advantage they could. They saw that the best way for them to escape the hidebound path they were currently on was to leave the path entirely.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the commerce clans cobbled together enough credits and enough owed favors from their plants in the Hierarchy to secure rights to the new system. And unlike those sent to Athor, these Yazirians left on good terms with blessings from the Hierarchy.

Thanks to the relatively benign conditions on the planet called Hakosoar, settlement of that planet proceeded quickly and without much trouble. Once they (the settlers of Hakosoar) got their bearings around 73 PF, they quickly began doing what they do best: commerce. Drawing upon their abilities to move between hostile parties, chiefly the planets of Hentz and Yast [See the article in Frontiersman #2 and #3 for details-WSN], the commerce clans used their ships, their acumen, and their credits to become the choice of many a merchant to move their goods through dangerous waters.

Marshalling their profits from years of trade, the commerce clans of Scree Fron, who now were calling themselves the Greater Commerce Clans Protectorate (or GCCP), allied themselves with the up-an-coming mega corporation called Pan-Galactic in 35 PF and provided a helpful boost in shipping ability for the now famous mega-corp through the Yazirian Arm of the Frontier and beyond. The rest, as they say, is history

For nearly a hundred years, the GCCP distinguishes themselves for being one of the “backbone” associations that help hold the Frontier and Pan-Galactic together, but the stirrings of the Corporate Wars of the early 40’s FY and the subsequent slide into combat between mega-corps forced a harsh review of current business models and the future didn’t look good for GCCP. Taking the cue and superbly reading the trends, GCCP quietly formed the Universal Households mega-corp in 77 FY and again, the rest is history.

The People

(An excerpt from The Greater Frontier Gazetteer; 5th Ed. By Lazlo Fee, Professor Emeritus, Zebulon University, Zebulon)

“Bloody marvelous people; by making a really good dishwasher, the UniHo [slang term for Universal Households] mega-corp has found its way into arguably every single dwelling in some way, shape, or form throughout the Frontier. Look, you might not need a weapon, you might not need a starship, and you might not need a crack mercenary group to protect you but I would damn well wager that you do need clothes, bed sheets, and way to make your toast. Universal Households can get you all these things and more, and that is their power.” - Prof. Vim Darage on mega-corporations during a lecture on Frontier Economics in the 98-99 FY school year; Zebulon University.

There exists several levels of generalization about the species which make up the UPF; Humans are inquisitive and mostly hairless. Dralasites like old jokes, and so forth. Yazirians are known and respected for their combative prowess. Of that fact there is no doubt.

However, the Yazirians who have gone and developed the Universal Households mega-corp system of Scree Fron have channeled their natural aggressiveness into the realm of commerce. This interesting turn of natural ability has made Yazirians raised amongst their “credits-and-takeovers” peers in the schoolrooms on Hakosoar very cagey boardroom fighters indeed. Bottom line: a Yazirian from Scree Fron may not be feared as someone who would gut you with a knife if you make them mad, they would instead find a way to hurt you financially.

Author’s note: Frankly, I’d rather take my chances with the knife wielding type as at least the pain you receive there would be immediate. Thanks to my previous two marriages, I know all too well the slow, lingering ache from a nasty financial fight, but I digress.

In addition to their general business savvy, Yazirians from Hakosoar are also quite the fashion mavens. This makes sense as UniHo’s Fashion Division, Kotiz Fashions Inc., stands as one of the premier garment making industries on the Frontier and Hakosoar/ Hyyay is its’ headquarters. Many a designer has become a household name after signing on with UniHo/Kotiz. Conversely, a designer leaving the Fashion Division in less than stellar terms may just find themselves cleaning out the septic lines from a Passenger Liner in orbit around Hentz. Universal Households has been known to make life very difficult for employees who break contract with them.

The focus on business has had an unintended effect of producing the most effective Yazirian diplomats yet available to be unleashed on the Frontier [rivaled, of course only by the complex understanding of social conflict and interaction possessed by Vrusk diplomats – Editor] . In fact, numerous Yazirians trained on Hakosoar who failed at business have found new life in the various diplomatic departments found throughout the Frontier. From Hentz to Minotaur and all points in between, a product of the business schools of Hakosoar will probably be found somewhere.


In order to avoid the potentiality of being called militarily weak, the brilliant minds of Hakosoar’s ruling body have mandated that all Yazirians serve two year in the standing military. They are given standard military training found throughout the Frontier, whether they want it or not. They tend to specialize in the use of gyrojet weaponry. The few who make a career of militant life operate the training facility and comprise the bulk of the of officers of the standing army. Because of the growing population on Hakosoar, the standing military (some would call “militia”) is quite sizeable and fairly effective, dissuading the onslaught categorization of Hakosoarian Yazirians as being militarily weak.

Additionally, the ruling bodies of Hakosoar have permitted a UPF base on Histran (see Places of Interest, below) to help establish an undeniably strong militant presence in their otherwise peaceful system.

Identifying a Yazirian’s Nationality

A quick and admittedly stereotypical way to get an idea where the Yazirian you are talking to received their education, watch how they talk.

A Yazirian from Hentz will talk to you like an equal until (or unless) they find out what it is you do. If you are their peer, then they shall still talk to you respectfully. If you are their “inferior,” they will immediately take a superior-sounding tone with you. If you are their “superior,” then they will immediately take a subordinate role in the conversation; keeping their head somewhat bowed and talking in short, quick sentences.

A Yazirian from Yast will talk to you in a very short and somewhat challenging way. No matter your position, or their position, the conversation is very utilitarian in its quality.

A Yazirian from Hakosoar is a smooth talker indeed. An accomplished Yazirian from Hakosoar will have you treating him to drinks in no time at all, and you’ll be glad to do so! The side effect of this is that Yazirians from Scree Fron are slanderously labeled as confidence beings and tricksters by their detractors and the media has been known to lean upon this stereotype from time to time.

Yazirians from Gruna Garu usually talk in short, clipped sentences and are very similar to those from Athor/Yast in their mannerisms this way. However, you must listen to the jargon employed. Military like phrases and such have found their way into the vocabulary of Gruna Garu and are surprisingly hard to shake once adopted. Listen for such things as, “check,” “roger that,” and “affirmative,” to be sprinkled about unconsciously by the Yazirian in question when talking.

Places of Interest

What follows is a small list of the larger areas of interest in the Scree Fron system:

Studio 71

Studio 71 has the distinction of being home to a number of the Frontier’s premier cooks, handybeings, and travel guides and they all can be seen on your handy tri-vid station all day, every day wherever you can get the signal. The studio itself is found in the sprawling complex that is the site of the Universal Households’ Prime Home Network. Based a few hundred kilometers east of Hyyay, the PHN facilities can be reached easily via mag-rail services from Hyyay, or via air transportation. However, due to stiff competition from the Frontier Broadcast Services’ hostile takeover attempt in 65 FY, any unannounced aircraft breaching PHN airspace will be met with extreme force in very short order, so call ahead! Tours of the PHN studios are given daily, and tickets to many of the broadcast shows can be picked up at PHN offices in Hyyay, but if you are planning on attending some of the more popular shows (like At Home with Ku’ee, and The Pepaba Show), then you may need to order several weeks in advance.

The Underground

The Underground is the name given to a broad area in west Hyyay which comes alive after dark. An untold number of clubs cater to all sorts of types and like the good capitalists that they are, these clubs don’t ask too many questions; just be sure you’ve got the credits to spend as these clubs don’t come cheap. If you want cheap, then hit the Skids by the spaceport. Security at these clubs ranges from nonexistent to severe and more than a few of these places are species specific. Despite (or because of) the notoriety of the area, these businesses generally thrive. For the best scene, take a trip to Dexy’s or The Moon Room and rub shoulders with the beautiful beings of the Frontier.

Ognosgo Sports Complex

Practically a city unto itself, the Ognosgo complex offers a bewildering array of places to practice, participate or watch nearly any sport that can be found on the Frontier. Situated on the Moa Plain nearly a thousand kilometers west of Hyyay, the Complex, as it is referred to by the natives, is easily reachable by mag-rail from Hyyay, or can be a distinct destination all on its own due to it having its own small spaceport on site. The Complex is all about sport and it readily welcomes all who share that passion. On the seedier side of that last statement, the Complex also is home to numerous gambling dens (some legit, some not), bars, and the criminal element who thrives upon those who just can’t help but bet a little bit more. It is rumored that one of the top bosses of the Syndicate runs the show at the Complex and that Star Law has been after her and her cronies for some time now, but to no avail.

Palmer Spacefleet Base

Located on Histran, Palmer Spacefleet Base is the eyes and the ears of the UPF on this end of the Frontier. Primarily interested in keeping an eye on the Mechanon, Palmer Base maintains a careful watch on the other approaches into Frontier territory as well. Home to the famous “Hawkeye” Surveillance Squadron of the 8th Fleet, the Hawkeyes keep a constant patrol in the ‘black at all times. Rumor has it that there is an enormous electronic signal sensing array on Histran somewhere and enough stockpiled munitions on Histran and its surrounding moons to slag Mechan three times over. In addition to the rumors of things unseen, there is ample evidence of a more-than-usual number of personnel at the base due to the number of drunk and disorderly calls local authorities have to deal with around the Skids and at the Complex. Travelers’ Advisory: Palmer Base, Histran, and its moons are UPF Spacefleet and Landfleet territory. No trespassers allowed.

Editor’s Note: Between 32 and 26PF, thirty-two exploration vessels were lost trying to map the Lesser Morass. UPF Spacefleet has in recent years found and identified two of these: PGC Harvestlander was breached by material floating in the Morass and its crew evacuated but were lost, and SCS Thor’adan was found adrift with only its robotic inhabitants still functional – the Vrusk explorers all dead from some inexplicable ailment. Continued exploration of the Lesser Morass may yet yield further answers.

Other Items of Note

At this point in time (111 FY), a Vrusk is in control of the Universal Households mega-corp. This turn of events has made a number of Yazirians, particularly the older ones on Hakosoar, angry. To this end, they have formed a group called the Sonsa (Shadow) Directive to remove K’an Ku through any means necessary. Up until this point, the Sonsa Directive has been content to try and topple the mega-corp director through the usual means (ie. Propaganda, slander, and such), but it is feared that more direct and violent means may be needed to “pitch the bug out.”

A division of PanGal is currently working with diplomats from Hakosoar on an agreement to find a route from Athor to Scree Fron. Initial scouting shows that the odd cluster of three binary star systems located within the Scree Fron/Araks/Athor/ Belnafaer quadrangle will not interfere with navigational computers if a good route is found. It is rumored that the Hakosoarian diplomats are secretly seeking out intrepid explorers to accomplish this first – so they can sell the route to PanGal for a hefty fee that includes toll rights.

System Data

Scree Fron I (Hyn)
Type Rock Planetoid
Orbital Radius7.93E+07 km (0.53 AU)
Year149 Standard days
Gravity 0.48
Notes Used as a dumping ground for expended munitions and broken equipment. There is a small outpost here, with UPF robots working on old broken equipment, occasionally repairing things and informing Palmer Spacefleet Base to perform a pick-up on its next tech-trash drop off.
Scree Fron II (Hakosoar)
Type Terrestrial (thin atmosphere)
Orbital Radius 1.26E+07 km (0.84 AU)
Year295 Standard days
Habitable World Data:
Day 50 hours
Hyrdosphere 78.9% (2.3% Ice)
Atmosphere Thin, breathable
Climate -22oC to 58.5oC, Avg. 21oC
Trade Various, (mostly Agricultural, Industrial)
Native Life No sentient life found. Native life generally small and simple.
Government Board of Directors; determined by popular vote among Corporate Division leaders.
Population Light, 83% Yazirian
Scree Fron IIa (Inti)
Home to the Merchant’s School of Scree Fron; a school primarily devoted to developing spacers and merchantmen for various roles in any number of established merchant fleets around the Frontier. Stating that you received training at Scree Fron carries with it a certain amount of prestige.
Scree Fron IIb (Infi)
Currently being mined by subsidiaries of LeMan Inc, Highly supervised by UPF Security. There are rumors that LeMan, Inc uncovered the wreckage of an as yet unidentified starship while searching for iron ore. The CEO of LeMan, Raduu Radai, declined to comment but will not deny the accounts.
Scree Fron III (Halol)
Type Gas Dwarf
Orbital Radius2E+08 km (1.335 AU)
Year632.23 Standard days
Gravity --
Notes Never quite turned into a star, never quite cooled off. A project is underway by private investors to assemble hydrogen collectors in orbit around Halol.
Scree Fron IV (Histran)
Type Airless Rock
Orbital Radius 2.66E+08 km (1.78 AU)
Year909 Standard days
Habitable World Data:
Day 25 hours
Hyrdosphere 0% (0% Ice)
Atmosphere N/A
Climate Exposed to the vacuum of space
Trade N/A
Native Life No native life possible.
Government Militocracy
Population Outpost, 85% Yazirian
UPF maintains a military outpost here and launches patrol missions to keep watch on the Lesser Morass and on the Mechon System. This world is off limits to all but Spacefleet personnel.
Scree Fron IVa-IVg
The many moons of Histran are of very little consequence. They hold very little in mineral content, possess no atmospheres or hydrospheres, and are patrolled diligently by UPF ships daily.

Optional Racial Ability

Tindor Yain, a female Scree Fron Yazirian, walks into the casino. She needs credits and she needs them now. She isn’t there to gamble, however. She walks up to a high roller doing well at a table and starts working him. First it’s a drink, a few compliments. Later, she feigns interest in his business ventures on Prenglar. By the end of the evening, she’s thanking him for his generosity and walking to cash out her chips. She didn’t steal them... not really. But somehow during the evening, she convinced the high roller it would be beneficial to give Tindor some credits. Later he’ll wonder why in the hell he did that, but she’ll be long gone.

As an optional rule, Referees may decide to allow Yazirians from Scree Fron to lose the Battle Rage score, and replace it with a special Fast Talk score. The Yazirians of this system specialize in the fine art of diplomacy, in all forms of etiquette and in all situations. This also makes them excellent confidence men – and sometimes they’ll use it to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.

Starting Scree Fron Yazirian characters have a 5% Fast Talk score. It may be improved by spending experience points, just like all other racial abilities. A character can attempt to roll equal to or under his score in several consecutive turns, but if he ever rolls 96-00 his victim becomes aware of what he’s trying to do. When finally successful, the player describes to the Referee exactly what lie he’s trying to force on the unwitting victim. The victim believes the lie – but exactly how that plays out is determined by the Referee on a case-by-case basis. Fast Talk isn’t permanent. The victim will realize he’s been conned. The victim makes a LOG check after successful use of this ability. If he succeeds, he’ll realize the con in 1d10 minutes. If he fails, he won’t realize the deception until 1d10 hours. If he rolls 96-00, he won’t realize it for 1d10 days!