Sector 6 SmallArm

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by Bill Logan

Agents of the elusive Sector 6 each carry one of these specialized gadgets. They are a type of projectile weapon that uses no explosive part, no combustion, and because of this can be built in an inexpensive resin toy-like gun.

The weapon is tiny – only as thin as the small explosiveequipped single bullet that fits in it. It resembles a small child’s toy pistol, and is so thin that it can be kept in the waistband of a pair of conventional pants in a specialized holster that makes most people not see it – even when patting the wearer down for weapons.

The gun itself is wound up like a clockwork device, putting high amount of pressure on a series of cascading coils and springs. Once properly wound up, the gun will maintain its firing potential indefinitely. It takes 3 turns to properly wind and reload the SmallArm.

Only one single bullet fits within the weapon. It’s a specialized bullet with an explosive charge inside of it. Built of high strength resin – this bullet does not appear on scans as a type of weapon or grenade.

When the trigger is pressed, the bullet is hurled a fairly short-range. It’s not hurled at a supersonic rate so the firing doesn’t make any noise greater than a “click-pop.” The bullet’s explosive shell does 4d10 points of inertia damage but has a very small yield and therefore is not an area-effect attack.

The plastic gun, winding tool, a single resin bullet, and a waistband holster costs 400Cr and weighs a single kilogram, but is often not commercially available except for Sector 6 agents. Replacement bullets cost 25Cr each. The weapon’s range is 5/10/20/30/40.