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by Madin Jackson

The Alpha Dawn rules book has several “standard” robots for characters to purchase. What follows is a small list of additional robot types to drop into your game setting.


Medical Robots

Medical Robots typically have standard bodies, though some have anthropomorphic bodies and the medical program. They are limited to levels 4 to 6. Medical robots serve as paramedics, nurses and even doctors. Military Medical Robots also have the attack/defense program and are typically armed.

Reconnaissance Robots

Reconnaissance Robots have standard bodies. They have the attack/defense, computer link and security lock programs, as well as being equipped with a holo screen and several, other items of surveillance. Many Reconnaissance Robots are also equipped with an alternative form of movement. They are limited to Levels 2 to 4.

Repair Robots

Repair Robots have standard bodies, though some have been know to have heavy duty bodies. They may be programmed with the robotics program and/ or the technician program. They may operate and repair any robots or vehicles they are programmed with. They are limited to levels 4 to 6.

Robot Type Movement Rate
Cybot, heavy duty, service, brain 30 meters/turn
Maintenance, repair 60 meters/turn
Security, medical 90 meters/turn
Combat, warbot, reconnaissance 120 meters/turn

NeoTech HWK-2B "Hawkeye" Medical Bot

NeoTech HWK-2B "Hawkeye" Medical Bot
Level Level 4 - can converse and receive orders verbally
Type Medical Bot
Body Type Standard Body
Parabattery Type 1
Move Mode Two Mechanical Legs
Move Rate 10m/turn normal, 90m/turn max.
Limbs Two Mechanical Arms with built-in medkit
IM/RS +6/60
Stamina 100
Attack 70
Damage by weapon or 2d10 punching
Programs Medical, Security Lock, Attack/Defense
Equipment Medkit, Chronocom, Compass, IR Goggles, Magnigoggles, Radiophone, Toxy-Rad Guage, Albedo Screen, 50 SEU Beltpack, 100 SEU Backpack, Laser Rifle
  • Protect units/personnel, Repair units/personnel
  • Protect:' defend units it is assigned to. Units are identified by visual and insignia representation. Will protect and aid any unit it knows as a comrade and any unit with a predefined insignia that it is allied with. Identified threats to units will be eliminated, through any means necessary.
  • Repair: Repair wounded and dying units it is assigned to. Units identified by visual and insignia representation or non-combatants will be healed by the robot.

The “Hawkeye” medical bot is able to prioritize his dual missions quite well. During the battle, he may switch his priority from “Protect” to “Repair” and back again several times. His built-in sensors will assess the tide of battle and evaluate the apparent danger of units within his sensory range and his programming will help him logically prioritize.

However, the robot can also communicate verbally and can take suggestions from competent personnel. Who it deems competent is another matter.

WarTech Bee-MKII Reconnaissance Robot

WarTech Bee-MKII Reconnaissance Robot
Level Level 2 - cannot converse verbally
Type Reconnaissance Robot
Body Type Standard Body
Parabattery Type 1
Move Mode Hover
Move Rate 10m/turn normal, 120m/turn max.
Limbs Two retractable arms
IM/RS +5/50
Stamina 100
Attack 50
Damage by weapon (arms are insufficient for punching)
Programs Security Lock, Attack/Defense
Equipment Chronocom, Compass, IR Goggles, Magnigoggles, Radiophone, Videocom, Holo Screen, 50 SEU Beltpack, 100 SEU Backpack, integrated laser rifle.
  • Reconnaissance
  • Reconnaissance: Conducts a general examination or survey of a region, usually followed by a detailed survey for military information.

Although equipped with a laser rifle, if attacked, the reconnaissance robot will try to get away if possible. The recon data it carries is of value to the military unit that deployed it, and it will protect that data to accomplish its mission.