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Welcome to the games of the Star Frontiers Virtual Con 2012. Click on a game to be taken to information about it.

Virtual Con Games

  • A Dangerous Delve - An 8.6 earthquake has shaken the city of Grountz, Terledrom. Safety inspectors examining the underground mono rail tubes discover an entrance to a cavern. They are overcome with noxious gases but not before one of them holovids some odd petroglyph. Later two Mono Track employees are found dismembered in the vicinity of these tunnels. Triad Institute of Technology is dispatching its A.S. team to investigate the mystery.
  • Asset Recovery - Cassidine Development Corporation's new prototype para-military freighter, the CSS Nightwind, disappeared six months ago on its maiden voyage with all hands. A week ago a report came in from a contact in Theseus that the Nightwind had come into port at the station around Minotaur under the name "Stargift".
    Having just completed a mission on Clarion, your team was ordered down to Theseus to check out the report. You jumped a passenger liner and arrived at Minotaur station yeserday. It didn't take long to confirm the report as your starliner passed the Nightwind/Stargift as it was docking and you were able to easily identify its unique design of the missing ship.
    After docking you contacted CDC HQ with your report. Their reply arrived just minutes ago: "Recover the Nightwind at all costs."
  • The Devil's Lair - You received a tip that the Star Devil has a personal hideout in the Grey Mist Mountains to the southeast. You have a general location and description of the mountain peak the lair is in. After all the trouble the Star Devil's organization has caused you since entering the Zebulon system, a little payback is in order and a raid on his private lair is just the ticket. There's even a chance he might be present in person.