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Colonizers: None; Newly discovered by VSS Centispeed. System presently under investigation by Clarion Department of Extra-solar Affairs. No determination as to procedure or dipostiion has been made.
Population: Outpost, education
Climate Range: Cool; warm to frigid
Average Surface Temp.: 5 degrees Celsius
Atmopshere: 70% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 6% inert gasses
Gravity: 0.93
Diameter: 9880 km
Moons: none
Length of Day: 21 hours


Starmist is a UPF scientific base for the study of alien flora and fauna. Only Starfleet has knowledge of the star route to Sundown.

Native Life

Only reported species is an erect, bipedal hominid having a primitve nomadic economy and low technology. these natives are known as Heliopes in their own language.


  • SF3: Sundown on Starmist
  • Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space vol 1