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by Bill Logan

All the players are assembled, and you’re getting ready to roll up your characters. One of the players selects a technician character, complete with robotics and technician skills. Another player creates a field medic. The last creates a military specialist.

When it comes to starting equipment, the technician character really makes out. He begins play with a tech kit and a robcomkit, not to mention the normal rolled starting funds. The medic starts off with a medkit. So what does the military specialist start off with? An auto pistol and a night stick is about all he can afford. And he specializes in beam weapons! Funny thing is – the technician and the medic can both start off with the same weaponry. Fair? No.

This rule proposes to make a modification to the standard rules that state a character begins play with any tool kit required for the skills he possesses. It elaborates on the assumption, and makes it a bit fairer. Like all articles in the “New Rules” section of this magazine, its use is strictly optional.


Military PSA

A character with a Military PSA should be able to start off with the tools of his trade, just as those in the less militant professions. The table below summarizes. Only equipment from the core Alpha Dawn game is shown in the table below. Referees may substitute equipment from their own campaign settings, as long as the equipment sums up to 500Cr:

Skill Starting “Tool Kit” Options
Beam Weapons 1) Electrostunner
2) Sonic Stunner
3) Albedo Suit
Gyrojet Weapons 1) Gyrojet Pistol and a Gyrojet Rifle
2) Civilian Skeinsuit and Gyrojet Pistol
3) Two Gyrojet Pistols and 10 spare Pistol Jetclips
Melee Weapons 1) Civilian Skeinsuit
2) Albedo Suit
3) Military Skeinsuit, Electric Sword, Shock Gloves
Projectile Weapons 1) Auto Pistol and Auto Rifle
2) Military Skeinsuit and Auto Pistol
3) Military Skeinsuit and Needler Pistol
Thrown Weapons 1) Civilian Skeinsuit
2) Albedo Suit
3) Military Skeinsuit, 10 knives, 5 doze grenades, 5 smoke grenades
Demolitions 1) Military Skeinsuit, 6 Variable Timers, 3kg Tornadium D19, and 2 fragmentation grenades
Martial Arts 1) Civilian Skeinsuit
2) Albedo Suit

Technological PSA

Two of the three skills in the Technological PSA already begin play with standard tool kits. That hasn’t changed in this rules option. The last skill, Computers, is more difficult.

Computers are far more expensive than 500Cr, and there exists no core Alpha Dawn piece of computer equipment that a computer specialist could use that falls under the “tool kit” cost. Therefore, a small step away from the core Alpha Dawn equipment list is required.

Skill Starting “Tool Kit” Options
Computers Basic Portable Computer (see below)
Robotics Robcomkit
Technician Techkit

Basic Portable Computer

The Basic Portable Computer is a limited computer system. It’s portable, and allows collection of data (names, addresses, comments, etc.) as well as providing a link (via chronocom networks) to send and receive text and voice messages. It has integrated timekeeping, alarm scheduling, and calendar programs, and can act as a dedicated simple word processor, spreadsheet, and database with surprisingly adequate query capability. It is a very capable computer, but is limited in capacity. It has the equivalent of ½ Function Point, weighs 1kg, and fits in a shoulder-bag with all of its accessories. It can be replaced for 500Cr on most civilized Frontier worlds.

BioSocial PSA

As with the technological skills, two of the three Biosocial skills already have starting tool kits. The psychosocial skill, however, provides a little trouble. Since the skill deals with people instead of with equipment, this leads to an interesting solution: henchmen. The following table provides a list of the tool kits provided by each of the Biosocial skills.

Skill Starting “Tool Kit” Options
Environmental Envirokit
Medic Medkit
Psychosocial 1) One bodyguard (prepaid for 12 days) with level 1 in one of the following skills: Beam Weapons, Martial Arts, or Melee Weapons.
2) Two bodyguards (prepaid for 12 days) with Level 1 Projectile Weapons skills.