Tanar Daagron

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Name: Sir Tanar Daagron
Player: Terl Obar


Basic Information

Race: Yazarian
Gender:' M
Handedness: Left

STR/STA: 40/40
DEX/RS: 55/55
INT/LOG: 75/75
PER/LDR: 65/65
IM: 6
RW: 28
MW: 28
PS: 3

Description: Coming in at average height and a little heftier than average mass, Tanar stands 2.1m tall and masses 54kg. He has pale grey skin and very dark brown (often mistaken for black) hair. His eyes are pale blue but sometimes vary between a light grey to match his skin tone and a deeper blue depending on his emotions. While not strong by human standards, he can hold his own against his fellow Yazarians and is even considered somewhat handsome by the ladies. Tanar typically wears his BDUs but when not in uniform sports a navy blue traditional Yazarian tunic belted with a black weapons belt to hold his pistol and stunstick.

Profession: Astrogator
Rank: Lt. JG
Pay Rate: Base- 120 Rank Bonus- 20 Total- 140/day for 5 days out of 7
Employer: Clarion Royal Marines
Awards: Conspicuous Gallantry Star, the Crimson Stripe, Knight Companion Order of the Eagle

Walking: 10m/turn
Running: 30m/turn
Hourly: 4km/hr

XP (spent): 52
XP (unspent): 0
Notoriety: 3

Racial Abilities: Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage (5%)

Credits: 5,213 Cr - 3625cr (two progits and reprogrammer) = 1588 cr.


PSA's Primary PSA: Tech
Secondary PSA: Physical Sciences
Secondary PSA: Military

  • Computers Lvl: 3
    • Programs: Computer Security, Information Storage, Cryptography
  • Technician Lvl: 1
  • Robotics Lvl: 1
  • Astro-Sciences Lvl: 2
  • Geo-Sciences Lvl: 1
  • Beam Lvl: 1
  • Projectiles Lvl: 1
  • Unarmed Combat Lvl: 1


Equipment carried (on ship - 13/20 kg normally):

  • 1 military skien suit (Royal Marine uniform BDU) (1kg)
  • 1 laser pistol (1kg) connected to powerpack in combat harness w/scope (drawn from ship stores)
  • 1 gas mask (in foot locker when using vacsuit)
  • 1 chronocom and ID card
  • 1 RM Combat Helm (2kg)
  • Stunstick (w/20 SEU clip drawn from ship stores) (on harness)
  • 2 solvaways (drawn from ships stores)
  • 11 spare powerclips (1 on harness, drawn from ship stores) (1kg)
  • Electrostunner w/20 SEU clip (1 kg drawn from ship stores)
  • Albedo Screen (2 kg drawn from ship stores during boarding actions w/out space suits only)
  • Envirokit or scanner equivalent (during boarding actions only)
  • BodyComp in custom combat harness + robocomkit (5kg)
    • Type D processor w/ Kingpack power supply
    • Progits: Audio-act, Calc-all, CAS-Inteface, Chrono-calc, Comp-talk,Trans-Comp I, Calc-boost, Programmable Type D, Info Storage Type B, plus helm link, body scan, and med inject from his issued combat harness
    • Also has Fast-Scan Progit that he swaps out the CAS-Interface progit for when needing to scan data into the comp.

Equipment Carried (off ship - 9/20 kg):

  • 1 military skien suit (Royal Marine uniform BDU) (1kg)
  • 1 laser pistol (1kg) w/20 SEU clip (personal)
  • 1 chronocom and ID card
  • Stunstick (w/20 SEU clip) (1kg)
  • Toxy-rad Gauge
  • Sungoggles
  • 2 solvaways (personal)
  • 2 spare powerclips (personal)
  • 2 tangler grenades (personal)
  • Bodycomp+robocom kit above (5kg)

Equipment in "Foot Locker": (This is easily accessible but not carried)

  • 1 military skien suit (Royal Marine uniform BDU)
  • 1 dress uniform (civilian skien suit)
  • 1 issue ships jump suit (just coveralls but still a uniform).
  • 1 Pressure suit
  • 1 Suit of space suit armor
  • Spare pressure suit patches (2)
  • spare pressure suit life support
  • magnetic shoes and velcro booties
  • 4 Personal SEU clips, toxy-rad gauge, sungoggles, tangler grenades and solvaways (when on ship)
  • Envirokit
  • Progit Reprogrammer


Born and raised in Valentia, Tanar’s father served as one of the few Yazarian members of the Royal Guard. Seriously wounded in the assassination of Leotus XIX, he has retired from active duty and now teaches historical military strategy at the Clarion University. Tanar inherited his father’s deep respect and loyalty to the crown as well as his despisement of the Liberation Front.

As a kid, Tanar used to hang out at the university with his father in the spare time, where he developed an interest in computers and the physical sciences. His sharp mind allowed him to grasp difficult concepts and he picked up new and challenging topics quickly. Recognizing his potential at a young age, his father used his connections to accelerate Tanar’s education and he completed school early.

He was drawn to the physical sciences at an early age with special interests in astrophysics and geophysics. Tanar also loves to tinker and has picked up basic skills in the technical areas but with an emphasis on computers. In possibly one of the defining moments in his education, Tanar attended a seminar on computer security and data systems given by Dr. Albrec Zinasta, a leading cryptographic researcher and system designer for the Clarion government. Fascinated by the topic, Tanar hung around after the seminar to ask Dr. Zinasta some questions. Impressed by the young Yazarian’s understanding of the topic, Dr. Zinasta gladly answered Tanar’s questions and they continued the discussion for several weeks via e-mail. This encounter founded a lasting friendship that has continued to this day with the elderly Dr. Zinasta serving as a mentor for the young Yazarian.

While sometimes resented by his classmates for the combination of his intelligence and young age, his personal charisma usually wins them over in the end. Easy-going and friendly, Tanar gets along with almost anyone, even overcoming his species natural intolerance of Dralisite humor and verbosity (although the more long-winded or obnoxious Drals can try even his patience).

Drawn to space but wanting to serve the crown like his father, Tanar entered the Royal Marines and, at age 19, is currently one of the youngest officers in the Corps. He has completed his initial training and is looking forward to his assignment as the astrogator on one of the CRM’s Assault Scouts.

Special Awards and Recognitions

  • Crimson and Indigo Stripes awarded after the Raptor's Roost incident.
  • Letter of Commendation & Crimson Stripe awarded for part in stopping the Knightblade pirate squardron.
  • Knighted: Knight Companion Order of the Eagle for critical mission support in Glacier Bay incident.

Medical Record


NPC contact

Dr. Albrec Zinasta (OSM, DSS), human, age 90, is a senior member of the Royal Signal Corp. Specializing in cryptography and information data systems and analysis, Dr. Zinasta is one of the Frontier’s leading cryptographers and has had a hand in developing most if not all of the ciphers, encryption algorithms and data systems used by the Clarion government. He has access to state-of-the-art as well as bleeding edge technology for both data encryption and storage as well as code breaking techniques and hardware. As a senior member of the RSC, he also has access to just about any data the Clarion government has.

He met Tanar at a seminar at the Clarion University in Valentia. Tanar’s interest and understanding of the seminar’s topic impressed Dr. Zinasta and they became fast friends. He has mentored Tanar in his computer studies over the past few years and encouraged him in his other interests as well.