Temple Raiders

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by C.J. Williams

Your group of adventurers assist a tomb raiding archeologist to uncover an ancient temple left behind by a race who have a connection with the Tetrarchs. A race believed to be long extinct, until a strange creature within the temple indicates the existence of an underground society.

This alien leads your adventurers through the temple and down through catacombs where they encounter strange and dangerous creatures who seem to leave them alone, if only in the company of the alien.

There your adventurers meet with the leader of the race and seek to make a trade for their unique technologies and evidence of their existence. With that, the leader informs them that they must never leave the temple again or else they will die. Thus begins a feverish and seemingly unending attempt to escape this temple of horrors and the xenophobic alien culture.

Editor’s Suggestion: (I like this one and will certainly use it in an adventure) The ship that brought your characters to the archeological site would have been destroyed to ensure your inability to leave. There is no subspace radio among the tech of the society. How to escape? Will the aliens be hospitable to you? Or will some action, intentional or otherwise, incur their wrath and cause you to be hunted with prejudice? Perhaps after a few days, the characters hear of others who have come to the world (but not on an archeological mission – on a strip mining mission: Pirates!) The Pirates might be the only way off this accursed place!