Tunneler Queen

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Tunneler Queen
Type SmallCarnivore
Number 1-10
Move Medium (Slow burrowing)
IM/RS +5/50
Stamina 60
Attack 70 (four tentacles)
Damage 2d10 per tentacle
Special Attack none
Special Defense chitinous shell acts as skeinsuit
Native World Hentz, underground

The tunneler queen is a small insectlike creature found in subterranean locations. It has four long barbed arms that end each in hooked spikes, and a long snake-like tail. Its entire length is covered with overlapping chitin, except its softer underbelly that it slithers about on. The creature is yellowish in color when seen in the light, which seldom happens.

First discovered by miners looking for valuable resources, the tunneler is able to burrow and move about fairly quickly through solid ground, even hard limestone. It normally feeds on the larvae and carcasses of other underground critters.

They are called tunneler “queens” because mature tunnelers carry a sack of eggs around in their underbellies, awaiting fertilization. If two tunneler queens meet up and battle, the victor eats the sack of the victim and this begins the fertilization process.