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by Bill Logan

The main rules book covers ten basic vehicles, for land and air. These are generally civilian or industrial in nature. Some vehicles aren’t meant just for toting people to and fro; some are designed for other purposes...

The Infiltrator

The premier military ground assault cycle, the Infiltrator is a mean and durable street bike. It is not designed for off-road use, but is capable in those terrains as well. The vehicle comes with a specialized helmet complete with optics system and heads-up display representing potential targets (other vehicles).

Hardpoints. Within the front of the cycle is a compartment, referred to as a Hardpoint by the military professionals of the Frontier. Larger vehicles have more than one Hardpoint. This compartment may be equipped with a standard rifle or screen of any of the basic types, along with a 25% fee for the rigging and modification required to fit it in place. The ammunition/power source for the item added is accessible from the driver’s seat.

For example: Your character wants to put a Laser Rifle in his Infiltrator’s Hardpoint. He purchases one from the standard equipment list for 800 credits, and pays (800x0.25=) 200 Credits for the rigging and mounting.

The Hardpoint is equipped with servos and linked to motion sensors in the helmet, with a cross-hair sight being displayed on the inner visor. Head movements are mimicked by the servos. The swivel and targeting system is limited; it can only fire in a 45 degree arc from the front of the cycle. Shooting to the side or rear of the cycle is up to the armaments of the driver.

The Infiltrator is powered by a standard Type 1 parabattery and can go about 1,000 kilometers before needing replaced. The helmet communicates wirelessly to the ground cycle and itself is powered by a 20SEU powerclip or can be connected to a power beltpack or backpack with a one-meter cord.

Benefits. The Infiltrator’s helmet and swiveling Hardpoint combine to eliminate the penalty for shooting from a moving vehicle (regardless of speed). The optics in the helmet linked to the sensors on the ground cycle result in receiving no penalty for shooting at night. The durable plating nullifies the +2 adjustment normally associated with rolls on the Vehicle Damage Table.

Vehicle Type Cost
Top Speed Cruise Speed Accel/
Passengers Cargo Limit
kph m/turn kph m/turn
Infiltrator Ground Cycle 4,000 120kph 200m/t 60kph 100m/t 100/40 2 20kg, 0.5 cubic meter