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Colonizers: none - gas giant
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temp.: -180°C (at top of atmosphere) to -50°C (at top of liquid layer- see below).
Diameter: 129,000 km
Moons: 20+
Length of Day: 10 hours
Artificial Satellites:


  1. Wun
  2. Era
  3. M'Go
  4. Tor
  5. Snobol
  6. Gerand


Venturi is a gas giant in this uninabited system. It is one of the major sources of very complex, unstable biochemicals that are highly valued as catalysts for industrial processes. On of its many moons, Nobol, is a large, lumpy block of water ice and carbon dioxide ice to which is tethered the starship Moneyspider. The tether is a microdisillation column that helps to collect the valuable biochemicals. The system is being developed by ByChem, a subsidiary of A.I.P.S..

Venturi is a gas giant planet. This means that it is a massive, spherical cloud of gas which becomes denser and denser towards the centre until it gradually becomes liquid and finally solid. Because of this, Venturi does not have a surface in the way that other ("rocky") planets do.

The outer part of the gas giant (its "atmosphere") is composed mostly of hydrogen with some helium, methane, ammonia and traces of other compounds. These trace compounds include a number of very complex, unstable bio-chemicals which are highly valued as catalysts for industrial processes. The atmosphere is cloudy, very cold, swept by winds of up to 2000 km/hr and frequently blasted by violent magnetic storms.


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  • Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space vol 1