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This game will be played on the forums here on the Star Frontiers Network in the [Void Jumpers] thread.

The PCs will be a rag-tag team of experienced spacers who have cobbled together enough money to buy (make a down payment?) on an old starship. They travel around the Frontier dodging pirates, sathar, and possibly Spacefleet and Star Law, while solving problems, fixing troubles, tracking down bounties, or just moving cargo from one system to another.


Background Information

The game will be set during the Second Sathar War period while armed conflict is building up and happening (We'll be using my timeline, not the one in Zeb's Guide). Some of the published modules will have happened but others will still be in the future.


Character Generation

PCs can be any of the Core Four or Rim races except Mechanons and will be starting with advanced skills. I'm up in the air on using the standard skills or the "A Skilled Frontier" system and could be persuaded either way. I will approve all backstories and character concepts. I'm open to just about anything as long as the PCs are at least cordial to each others and can work together. I don't want any "Marias" that are antagonistic to the world and other PCs all the time (If you want the story see the [Obar Enterprises game threads] in the 'Inactive Games' section on the forums).

Player Characters

Here are links to all the characters in the game:

To add yours, just edit this page and put your characters name inside the brackets on the edit page, save the page and click on the link created. You can follow the template provided to create your page. The easiest way to do that is to go to the character template page, hit the edit button on top and copy the markup text out of the edit window and paste it into yours and modify for your character.

Non-Player Characters

House Rules

This will very much be a playtest campaign as I'll be trying out various different rules systems. However, a lot of that will be in the background. We'll pretty much start with the standard rule systems but I'll be tweaking things as we go. One thing that will be different right off the bat is that I'll be using my custom ship construction system for ship design and costs (they are much more expensive both to build and operate).

Game Logistics

Posting will be 1 post a week as a baseline. Typically, I'll post the game advancement on Thursday or Friday and you will have until Tuesday to post your actions. If everyone participating can (and wants to) post more often, we might be able to pick up the pace a bit.

Details that still need to be worked out include: 1) number of players - I can definitely handle 6, probably 8, and maybe even more, 2) Starting XP and funds - will depend on skill system chosen, number of players, and ships available at the start of the game, & 3) starting star system. There are probably others but those are the ones off the top of my head.