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WarTech SE-9 LWS

Cost: 700Cr
Weight: Pistol 2kg, rifle 5kg
Damage: 1d10 per SEU
Ammo: 20 SEU clip as pistol, 3x 20 SEU clips as rifle
SEU: 1-10 as pistol, 1-20 as rifle
Rate: 2
Defense: Albedo
Pistol Range: 5/20/50/100/200
Rifle Range: 10/50/100/200/400
Skill: Beam Weapons
SE-9 LWS with stock attachment.

by S.E. Roberts

WarTech knows how to make a weapon, and their new designer Mitc Ramos knows how to make it in an out standing package. This is WarTech’s SE-9 laser weapon system made for the trooper that needs a weapon that can perform a variety of functions. It is a laser pistol that uses a standard 20 SEU clip and has the standard power settings 1-10. Add on the extended stock and it functions just like a laser rifle, with the same power settings. As if that’s not enough there is also a slot in the stock for two extra 20 SEU clips giving it a total of 60 SEU’s fully loaded.