Yaka Bears

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Yaka Bears
Type Medium Omnivore
Number 1-5
Move Fast (90m/turn)
IM/RS +4/40
Stamina 45
Attack 45
Damage 1d10 two claws, 1d10 antler bash
Special Attack once per day: spray debilitates
(-15 to all actions) for 1d10 turns if

RS avoidance roll fails.

Special Defense None
Native World Hentz, jungles

Covered with fur, the yaka bear has a tan coat that sheds regularly. It has small claws on the end of its dog-like feet. The face has a pair of antlers that curl around from the top of the head, around the side, to point forward. Rivals tend to clash their heads together, rattling their antlers in opposition to one another.

Yaka bears are not native to Hentz, like most native life they were transplanted from Waloo (Pavor).

Yaka bears are harmless, tending to eat the flora of the jungles in which they dwell. They are territorial, however, and will defend their dens with all they have, which admittedly isn’t much.

Yaka bears are able to release a stench from a gland located under their necks. Being sprayed by a yaka bear is like getting pepper spray in the face... very debilitating. Anyone caught by a yaka bear spray will gag and choke and their eyes will water horribly. This lasts for 1d10 turns, during which time they have a penalty to all actions equal to -15. A Reaction Speed check can avoid the spray. It takes about one full day of rest for a yaka bear to regenerate its spray gland.