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Yazirian Cyber Cop
STR/STA 40/50 PS +3
DEX/RS 55/55 IM +6
INT/LOG 55/55 Ranged 28
PER/LDR 50/50 Melee 28
Special Abilities:

Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage 5%

Skills: (TechnologicalPSA)

Computers 1, Psychosocial 1


Security Skeinsuit, Gyrojet Pistol, 24 Credits

By Bill Logan and Andrew Modro

The bigger computer systems get, the more vulnerable they are to attack. Your job is to investigate computer crimes and track down the perpetrators. Your familiarity with both computers and people lends you a sharp edge, sorely needed in the wild Frontier... and leads you down a path to intrigue, deception, murder, and adventure.


Character Concepts

Innovative Street Cop

You talk your way past the thugs at the door to the warehouse, and let them search your body. You left your gun in the skimmer, just in case you were searched. Once inside you try to ignore the illegal use of minors for labor as you approach the man with which you’ve arranged this meeting: suspected crime lord Namon Mor. As you approach him with your fake smile, you take mental notes of the crimes going on around you. You sure hope nothing happens you can’t talk your way out of...

In the busy streets of Port Loren, you are the law. You do the grunt work, prowling the cities and the undergrounds, frequenting the local crime hot-spots, checking on the legalities of local businesses and clubs. At first it was all business, dressed in your uniform and flashing your badge like everyone else on the force. But you soon noticed that your knack for computers could help you even in this occupation.

By using your computer skills to gain information – and pass yourself off as someone else through fronting an alternate identity – you’ve been able to gain access to locations that other street cops have failed. You’re starting to gain a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, and that paves golden ways through the ranks of Star Law. Unfortunately, it also makes enemies...

Fortress Security Agent

From your seat high up in the upper offices of PanGal’s corporate headquarters, you overlook the streets below and are thankful not to be a part of that droning, mindless throng. You tap at your computer, checking on the safeguards you’ve set on the company network, confident in your ability.

Then you notice something’s changed... a security timestamp you put on a personnel file. Unsure how that can happen at this time of the day, you check for log-ins and find nothing. Was it a glitch? Or has someone gotten in and changed something?

Within minutes your comprehensive scan is complete. Someone WAS in, but left no trace. The only thing that was modified, however, was the status of Detective Wivol, switched from “active” to “on suspension.” Either the database was hacked or the system administrator modified it at the captain’s request... either way you better set up a tracer program on that file, in case it happens again, you’ll know.

The consummate computer defense specialist, you know how hackers and criminals think, allowing you to overcome their attacks. Perhaps you’ve done some hacking in the past, or been part of an organization that laundered money. Maybe you were even caught, rehabilitated, then recruited by Star Law. Or maybe you’re just an excellent student and learned about criminal profiling and detective work while studying tech at the university. Whatever the reason, you think like a criminal and can often outthink them.

Pattern-Program Profiler

You didn’t sleep again last night. You were too busy, too preoccupied. You couldn’t relax as you sat at your table rubbing your head, staring at the photos of the crime scene. How could someone do this?

You know there’s a pattern, but you just can’t see it. Two other profilers at the office failed to see a pattern, but you are certain it’s here. You pull your computer towards you from across the table and begin tapping out a program, complete with all the parameters you can think of. If you can’t figure this out, more people will die.

You graduated with a degree new to the frontier: Patterned Programmed Profiling. Using computers and traditional state-of-the-art forensic and psychological profiling methods, your job is to get into the mindset of a criminal and figure out what his next step is. You often find yourself at crime scenes, walking through the muck and applying forensic skills to help you understand the criminal.

It’s a rewarding job when someone gets caught. It makes your spirits soar. But when you can’t figure it out it wears you down. You’ve made your share of enemies, and made your share of contacts within Star Law. Some people think you’re a heartless freak for surrounding yourself with all this stuff every day, but if you don’t do it, who will?


Here are some suggestions for how to continue to develop the abilities of your Yazirian Cyber Cop.

Ability Development

Work on your character’s Intuition score, it’s probably the most important aspect of a detective. You need to be able to second-guess others, to sense their motivations and moods. Personality is another important ability, as it will sometimes help you to get information and valuable permissions. And don’t forget that when things go bad, sometimes it’s your skill in your pistol that sees you through the day.

Racial Ability Development

Battle Rage isn’t all that helpful to a cyber cop. Normally, if you have to resort to raging, all of your basic abilities have failed. You like to keep in control, in order to succeed in your life’s calling. Don’t put a high priority in increasing this ability.

Skill Development

Depending on your general professional focus, you may want to concentrate on increasing either your Psychosocial or Computers skills, but don’t underestimate the value of dumping points into a good weapon skill.

It’s not even a bad idea to invest some skill points in Technician. Technicians have some valuable skills for detecting and bypassing locks and some forms of electro-mechanical security measures that you simply won’t get through your computer knowledge.

Finally, you might want to consider getting the Environmentalist skill. While tracking criminals doesn’t normally happen in the wilderness, it’s not unheard of. Additionally, knowing how to prowl around stealthily can help any detective when he’s decided to take infiltration beyond the constricting boundaries of the computer screen and keyboard.


It wouldn’t help to round out your abilities by purchasing a decent computer system and the necessary programs to do your job effectively. As it stands, you need to rely on existing systems to pull off your skills. Getting one of your own that you personalize and program would make a lot of difference.

You need to protect yourself better. As it stands, you have a gyrojet pistol for which you have no special skill. When you can afford it, get a beam weapon. Star Law agents are often trained in their use, and their stopping power cannot easily be ignored. A few doze or tangler grenades might help detain or bypass the thugs and mooks of the larger crime bosses, letting you get away... or in.

Of course, nothing beats having a good skeinsuit to protect yourself, but you’d probably be better off with a holo-screen than an albedo- or inertiascreen. Being able to provide a quick disguise or attention diverter would be a good help to someone with your career.

Edges and Flaws

If using this optional system found at the back of the Alpha Dawn Remastered book, you might want to consider some of these ideas.

Edge: Get Outta Jail Free

You have people high up who trust you. They know you often have to get in close with criminals, in order to do your job, and they accept that you sometimes have run-ins with the law. Because your job is important to them, they’ll come get you out once per game session if necessary! If the referee permits, you can invoke this Edge to get out of any kind of trouble, somehow saved because of your value to those from whom you need saved.

Edge: Gut Instincts

You get hunches that often turn out to be right. Invoke this skill to ask the referee a single plot-related yes/no question, and he’ll answer it honestly. Like all Edges, you can only use this once per session, so use it wisely!

Flaw: Outcast Cop

You’re always getting the oddest cases, and people think you get them because you’re odd, too. Since you’re always working with crime and murder, you often have a very dour demeanor. This causes some people to treat you as an outcast, living on the outer perimeter of legal propriety. The referee can invoke this flaw to make dealing with other cops more difficult. Bold text