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Welcome to the Star Frontiers Network Wiki

This site has several goals, the first of which is to provide a place for forum users, especially referees, to have a place to organize other material for the game that doesn't exactly fit into the forum format. Here is a list of the Currently Active Games. It provides information about the game and links to the game forums. This area is open for Star Frontiers Game Masters whether their game is hosted on this site, somewhere else, or even a completely table top game (if you're out there, we'd love to know).

In addition, we want to provide a place for all Star Frontiers fans to post content and collaborate on Rule Enhancements, Adventures, Frontier Fiction and any other content that they desire.

Finally, we (will soon) have the complete set of articles from the Star Frontiersman magazine on-line.

Anyone can browse the content. In order to edit this wiki you must be a member of the Star Frontier Network Forums. Follow the Instructions for Gaining Wiki Access to learn how to gain the privileges to edit pages on this wiki.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Note: This is very much a work in progress at the moment. Don't be surprised to see the format change and get rearranged, especially in the first few months as we grow the content and figure out the best way to stay organized.

Wiki Contents

  • Game Material - material posted by referees for their games, wherever they may be
  • Rule Enhancements - House rules, modifications, optional rules or even complete new rule systems to spice up and expand your campaign
  • Starship Compendium - Descriptions and statistics on new and existing starships
  • The Whole Frontier Catalog - Equipment, gadgets and gizmos. A list of anything and everything that can be had on the Frontier. From autopistols to computers to robots to vitasalt pills. If you can find on the Frontier, you can find it here.
  • Frontier Travel Guide - Details on star systems, planets, cities and locales around the Frontier.
  • Creature Compendium - Any and all creatures and races found in or around the Frontier.
  • Adventures - From single location map to mini-modules to full blown adventures, these ideas can be used to expand and enhance your campaign
  • Star Frontiersman - the complete article set from the Star Frontiersman Magazine on-line in wiki format
  • Frontier Fiction - Stories, long and short related to Star Frontiers
  • Frontier Who's Who - Characters, real and fictional, that can be encountered while visiting the Frontier.
  • Galacticana Encyclopedia - Articles on any topic, especially if they don't fit in one of the above categories.
  • Art Gallery - A place for artists and designers to showcase their material and provide a permalink that can be accessed from anywhere on the web.
  • Other content - If you have a high level category for articles on the site, feel free to add it here.
  • TSR Star Frontiers Published Material - A list of all published material.