Death Implant

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by C.J. Williams

Your group of adventurers are employees of a corporate conglomerate who discover that their fellow employees have begun suffering from a serious and deadly disease related to cybernetic implants. As they investigate, they discover that it is a galaxywide issue, on the verge of an epidemic level. It is even among other companies as well.

As their investigating intensifies, they discover their own company's plot to undermine economic stability by effecting cyborg tech which has become fundamental to the galactic economy, thereby positioning themselves for control of the galaxy’s credits.

Meantime, the company has discovered that these employees have caught on and become more and more intent on leading them off the path until the only choice left is to take them out of the picture. Your players’ characters must now fend for their lives against corporate assassins bent on their destruction.

Editor’s Note: A corporate structure capable of this level of nefarious activity would undoubtedly possess an Assassin Bot from Issue #3 of the Star Frontiersman!