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The CSS Nightwind is a custom designed paramilitary freighter designed and built by the Cassidine Development Corporation. Designed around a size six hull, the Nightwind sacrifices some cargo space for extra armament.

The ship was designed to support a nominal crew size of twenty-four split into two complete crews in a blue team/gold team arrangement. Half of the day the blue team crew runs the ship and the other half the gold team is in charge. Each crew consists of a Captain/pilot, an astrogator, three engineers, four gunners, a medic, a cook, a defensive systems operator, a quartermaster and an additional crew member assigned for whatever additional functionality is needed onboard the ship. In addition to the crew of twenty-four, the Nightwind has seven journey class cabins and can take on passengers or additional crew as needed.

The Nightwind has ten crew decks and four large cargo bays. Each crew deck is three meters in height (except the bridge which is four) and space five meters apart allowing for two meters of machinery and duct work between each deck and cargo bay. A single elevator shaft connects the entire ship and can carry up to eight beings at any one time.

Knight Hawks Statistics

HS: 6HP: 42 DCR: 60
Engines: 3 Class B Atomic
ADF: 3 MR: 3
Weapons: LB, LB, LB, RB(x4)
Defences: RH, MS(x2), ICM(x8)
Cargo Capacity: 5 units
Crew size: 24
Passenger Accomodations: 7 Journey class
Life Support Capacity: Primary: 35 Backup: 35
Communications Equipment: Videocom radio, Subspace Radio, Radar, intraship intercom.
Computer: Drive 5, Life Support 1, Alarm 3, Computer Lockout 5, Damage Control 4, Astrogation 4, Skin Sensors 1, Cargo Arm 2 (x4), Laser Battery 1 (x3), Rocket Battery 2, ICM 3, Communications 2, Information Storage 5, Robot Management 5, Installation Security 3, Computer Security 4, Commerce 2, Analysis 4, Maintenance 2
Vehicles: lifeboat, 10 person launch x2, workpod x4
Other Equipment: Deluxe Astrogation Equipment, 35 Spacesuits, 4x cargo arms, Autonomous Power Reactor
Cost: 3,719,100 cr

(Note: This ship was partially designed using the Military Ship Design article from the Star Frontiersman)

CSS Nigthwind Deck Specifications

The Nightwind has 10 main decks and four cargo areas. The details of the individual decks are on the following pages: