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Welcome to the Gaming Zone

Here you'll find background material, information and images related to Star Frontiers games, on-going or otherwise, on or off the web. If you run a game and are looking for somewhere to store information for your players, you've come to the right place. If you ran (or participated in) a game and want to post archival data about the game, this is the place for that as well. Either way, just add the game to the lists below and start adding in your data.

Game Data Archive

Currently Active Games

  • A New Can of Worms - Set on Pale, this games starts about 40-50 years after the First Sathar War just as things are heating up for the Second Sathar War. Players start as agents of the Streel Corporation on Pale.
  • Void Jumpers - A rag-tag band from around the Frontier have a ship and travel the space lanes looking for trouble (whether to create or fix it is up to them).

Game Archive