The Palalyrn Cluster

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Welcome to the Palalyrn Cluster! This page describes a star cluster for your use in the Star Frontiers game that was published by TSR many moons ago. You will also find tons of homebrewed data here that you can download. Please enjoy your stay here.

What's New?
(last updated 30 Sep 01)
  1. (30Sep2001) Added the Uva Mosk alien race taken from the all-time great computer game called Deadlock from Accolade.
  2. (22Jan2001) A new NPC section has been added. Read up about Dreebla and K'dato't .
  3. (21Jan2001) Seen a Sathar Fleet lately? See diagram below.

Note: Sathar Frigate originally by Jeff Easley for cover of SFKH4.

Stars in the Palalyrn Cluster
Click the stars in the image map or follow the links to find out more about a star system:
You might also want to take a look at the 3D Palalyrn Cluster Map.
Ritter's Star
Sector 1
The history of the Palalyrn Cluster has been laid out for all to peruse.

Alien Data
  • Artifacts/Relics: Secrets you were NEVER meant to know. 
  • Flora and Fauna: Updates on alien monsters. 
  • Races: Wanna play a different race?
  • NPCs: You can't leave home without these NPCs
Maps/Deck Plans
  • Alpha Dawn: Maps available here. 
  • Knight Hawks: Deck plans and rendered images available here
This is my contribution to the net community - a collection of short adventures and KH scenarios. Tell me what you think about it.
  • Want to try Mission Impossible? Looking for ideas to spark a stagnant campaign? Then, check out Nemn Tiu's Missions.
  • Knight Hawk Scenarios available here. 
  • Centrifugal Overload (sited in Crasepe System) - work in progress
  • Necronysis - work in progress

New Game Rules

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